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can i buy gabapentin in mexico Brain Station-23, een van onze leveranciers in Bangladesh, schreef een leuk artikel over hun ervaringen met hun eerste Nederlandse opdrachtgever, Atos Foundation. 

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where can i buy provigil in south africa Our learnings from outsourcing work with Dutch giant – Atos

Oct 15, 2015

As first time working with Dutch client, experience with Atos was very interesting. We learned how extremely organized, detailed oriented and well documented they are. While we, Brain Station-23, mostly work with SMEs, as part of ATOS Foundations CSR activity we got the opportunity to work with them.

Atos decided to train and develop part of a large application
Atos, as part of their CSR activity, sometimes sends their core employees to developing countries to train and work on specific projects. They got a project in Malawi where another company is executing Biofuel generation from Jatropha and foundation was assigned to provide the software for supporting the collection of ripe seed. They planned to execute part of the application development from Bangladesh as part of the training program. Willem Hoekstra came in Dhaka in 2011 to meet with some potential companies for extending the training and there we met them.

Training on “Requirement Analysis” and “CQRS Architecture”
Since we have been outsourcing since 2006, we already had a lot of experience in programming. Clients give us requirements and we execute the work very successfully. We mostly work in programming side in monthly contract model while client does the requirement analysis. So, we were weak in that and asked to provide international training in that area. Since Atos wanted us to work on the BERL project which was made on CQRS architecture, they proposed to train on that as well.

While the requirement analysis training was extremely helpful for us, large part of the architecture training was reduced. They found that most of the material is already known to us. The week training was reduced to two half day training. It was interesting for both them and us. Rest of the training time we spent working on the project itself.

Here is worth noting fact that, the way Atos foundation work is, their main Atos’s employees work in the foundation. So, we got the exposure with direct Atos’s internal culture, training and IT knowhow. It was very rewarding for us.

Using MVC, NServiceBus & Microsoft SQL for CQRS
This project was beautifully organized using MVC for frontend, NServiceBus for queue management and Microsoft SQL Server for database of both command and query.

Atos is very organized and detail oriented
Since we mostly work with SMEs, we don’t often see the requirements so much organized in other project. The development is extremely agile manner. Most of the time, we would have voice conference with screen sharing with client where we would sketch the requirements to clarify and confirm our understanding with client. Then start development and show output. But, Atos wasn’t like that. They have individual document with version tracking for each development module. Other than Atos, we only found our other client, British Telecom, to be that detail oriented.

In depth understanding in CQRS architecture
In the training, we got in depth understanding about CQRS architecture. While previously we worked on another project in the similar architecture, this time we had further in depth understanding due to the onsite training.

Dutch people are very helpful
Our experience with Atos was very nice. Atos trainers found that technically we are very sound and their expected work was delivered ahead of scheduled. Since Atos already has their own offshore center in India, we didn’t get direct Atos work. However, later we participated some more projects of Atos Foundation. Willem was very kind to give interview about his experience with Bangladesh and Brain Station-23.

Working with more Dutch companies
While Atos was the first company we worked with, later we got opportunity to work with more companies. We did a Document Management Portal for Maruboshi using in fixed price model and with another client with 5 engineer team in time & material model.

Meet us in The Netherlands from November 4th to 6th 2015
We are visiting The Netherlands from November 4th to 6th along with a number of Bangldeshi companies. If you are a startup, planning to make the next big thing, or a SME, planning to outsource part of your IT, please visit us. We are best for web & mobile application development in database driven application & cloud computing.

Raisul Kabir, CEO Brain Station-23